Foreign Financial Institutions

Presentation of Financial Services for Foreign Institutions

MPS Capital Services (MPS CS) is the Corporate and Investment Bank of MPS Group, the third Italian Banking Group, created in 2007 through the integration of MPS Finance, the high reputated Investment Bank, and MPS Banca per l’Impresa Spa, the important Bank for project finance, corporate finance and special lending.

The two souls of the business are now a single Corporate organization that takes into account the different main features of the peculiar business. With the merger of  these two entities, MPS Group aims to simplify the targeting strategy of creation of tailor made products or financial architecture for institutional, keeping the strong presence in Trading Bonds and Derivatives.

MPS CS has different types of Clients/Counterparties: Financial Institutions (in Italy and Abroad), Corporates (mainly Italian), Local Authorities (Italian).

MPS CS provides Foreign Institutions (Banks, Asset /Fund Managers, Insurance Companies, Brokers), with specialized professionals, a wide range of financial services:   

Corporate & Government Bond Primary Market: MPS Capital Services holds a prominent position in the Italian Fixed Income primary market. Namely, in the Italian Government Bond Market, MPS Capital Services, in its role of  “specialist” , recorded first place in official ranking issued by Italian  Ministry of Finance in 2015, 2016, 2017, confirming its strong presence in that market.

Credit Trading - Secondary Market: MPS Capital Services is within the Italian main players in the creation of bond and Certificates structured  to enhance yield or take advantage of the use of embedded derivatives. However an important part of the business is serving Foreign Financial Institutions with prices BID/OFFER on hundreds  of Italian and International Bonds. With Sales force in Milan, Padua, Siena and Rome, and the Dealing Room in Siena, MPS CS quotes daily Bonds with specialised traders in Corporate (Auto, TMT, Utilities, Industrials), Financial (Italian and European Banks, FIX and FRN, Senior and Subordinated), ABS, Structured Bonds, Government Guaranteed Bonds, Sovereign Bonds. For Italian Government Bonds, a Team of  5 traders is focused on the different parts of the yield curve and is ready to price all sort of market sizes.

BET – Electronic Trading: International Institutions (no Brokers) with retail flow business (tickets < euro 500k) may ask to access to our Bloomberg Electronic Trading Platform. to explain the fast track to access BET.

Trading Venues - MPS Capital Services is also market maker on several trading venues like MTS, Borsa Italiana,   ETLX, Bondvision, EuroTLX, TradeWEB, MarketAxes. Please do not hesitate to rely on the contact list written below.

Derivatives Trading: Derivative Trading for hedging purposes has been a key factor for the success of the Investment Banking activity within Group MPS since 2002. Interest Rate derivative products, including Swaps and Options, represents the major part of derivative trading volumes. Keeping a strong position in Equity Derivatives and a role in Credit Derivatives,  MPS Capital Services has developed important skills in  Commodity Derivatives, where  provides Corporates with hedging solutions on all major tradable commodities since 2006.